Installed Ifolder 2.01 on NetWare 6 sp4. From the client perspective
things were working fine. About a month after the install. I went into
the interface and noticed I was gettig a redirect error trying to
manager users and run reports. Found a TID re extracing Apache from Sp2.
Could not find sp2 on Novell anymore so I downloaded apache from the
apache site. The created a mod_jk error. Found a sp2 CD and extracted
apache and tomcat. Applied apache and the mod_jk to the apache modules
folder. Ifolder loaded still got the redirect error.
Now also having an issue unloading apache it will just hang and I have
to reboot. Also found out today that although apache is loaded people
get disconnected right after they login so they are not syncing.

I am planning going in this weekend to do some updates and wondering if
I can get some advice. I was thinking doing the latest NEtWare SP and
then trying to back rev apache. Or is that needed? Also seems that once
apache is updated mod_jk can have an issue.