I am trying to use netstorage to view iFolder but cannot. Tried to enable
logging but do not see anything on logger screen.

Server Version
Netware 6.5 SP 3
Apache 2.0
tomcat 4
running imanager, ifolder, eguide, netstorage, imonitor

Current iFolder settings (running in its own address space):
Servername: zenworks.psja.k12.tx.us
iFolder Port: 51080
iFolder Secureport: 51443

Xtier settings from sys:\tomcat\4\webapps\NetStorage\admin.cfg

XTier\Configuration\XSyncNsp;REG_SZ;Passphrase Form Protocol;HTTPS
XTier\Configuration\XSyncNsp;REG_SZ;Secure Port;443
XTier\Configuration\XSyncNsp;REG_DWORD;Debug Level;FFFFFFFF

Please help...