I have iFolder 2 running on a Netware 6.5 sp2 server. It is listening on
port 51080 and 51443. (I did this because the client installs listening
on port 51080 and I can't change it.) I can access from inside the
firewall without a problem using the URL. Internal DNS resolves URL to
private IP. Outside the firewall I can access the iFolder Home page
using the URL but the client will not connect. External DNS resolves to
a public IP that is mapped from the firewall to the internal private IP.
Since I can access the iFolder home page I know the firewall, DNS and
mappings are correct. I have ports 51443 and 51080 open on the
firewall. I have also given [public] read, compare and inheritable
rights to [root].
Any ideas on how to make the connection with the iFolder client?