We have 2 PC's that login in with the same account. So iFolder can
synchronize these 2 PC's with eachother. Whenever 1 or more files are
deleted on PC1 and PC2 is trying to synchronize, it displays the message
"Synchronization interrupted bby folder activity" in the Activity log. When
I disable McAfee Virusscan Enterprise, it synchs fine again. But I don't
want it disabled, of course. It's the same when I set the Recycle Bin to
delete the files immediatly. Then McAfee can still run, but if people
accidently delete a file, they'll have a big problem because it's gone
immediatly. In this version of McAfee we can't disable scanning the Recycle
bin. Both PC's are identical and run Windows XP. We run iFolder client
This doesn't happen when files on PC2 are being deleted. Then there'll be no
such message on PC1 and everything synchs fine.
I couldn't find anything on the internet about this issue, so maybe someone
here can help me out.
Thanx in advance!

Olaf Froolik