Hopefully this is an easy problem to fix. I added a secondary ip address to
my iFolder server (this service will eventually be moved to a clustered
environment w/ the new IP). I changed my iFolder DNS entry from x.x.x.6 to
x.x.x.24 and restarted named on both DNS servers. I can ping iFolder =
x.x.x.24 on all of my machines and view the iFolder pages in a web browser
on both ports 80 & 443.

My ifolder clients keep trying to login to even though they
are pointed to 'iFolder' as their server. I found that the regkey
HKLM\Software\Novell iFolder\Username\ServerLocation had a string of
iFolder= When I deleted the key, it connected perfectly and
successfully synchronized my files.

Doesn't this defeat the purpose of using DNS for iFolder?
Am I missing something?
Josh Messerschmitt
Certified Novell Engineer