The goal is to be able to create a NAL package that will silently install
iFolder 2.1 even on systems with no administrator rights. Sounds simple
enough...and should be, but it hasn't been so far.

Here's some history:

I take my simple ifolderclient.exe. Using standard installshield scripts,
I attempted to run the setup -r to record a setup.iss file. No luck as it
doesn't actually record the .iss file.
Next I attempted to use an old trick... fire off the ifolderclient.exe
install... leave the setup running and go copy what it copies to the temp
folder. It appears this has been double wrapped.. a setup inside another
setup. Those of you who have done any NAL packages know about this kind of
stuf and it's annoying. I hate it when they double, or triple wrap stuff.
Why not make it simple? Anyway to continue...
I then copy the setup.exe that exists along with all the other files off
to another directory before closing the original ifolderclient.exe,
because when you close it the temp files go bye-bye.
Then I try to run setup.exe -r. It does, infact, create a setup.iss file
like standard installshield scripts.
Awesome! We are getting closer to a silent setup!... hmm not so fast...
When I try to re-run the setup.exe /s (s is for silent and is supposed to
use the response file I created, setup.iss). I don't see the bright red
logo splash screen that normally running setup would give, but I still get
prompted to hit next, what language, yadda yadda. there a way to silently install or mostly silent install this
thing? How about an msi file? I guess I could try snapshoting it, but from
all the Zen classes I have been to lately, that seems to be something
everyone is steering away from.
Has anyone had any luck getting this to work? If anyone has this
documented and working please email me or let me know what you did.
Thanks in advance,