Hi y'all,

I am configuring iFolder for the first time, although i've been working
with Netware for a while, Now my scenario is as thus:

I have an OES server installed as Netware 6.5 SP3
BorderManager is configured on the server
I have iFolder installed on the server and have it configured as well.
During installation, i used the public IP address as he iFolder address,
this is becos I dont have a domain name registered and what I am using
for DNS is just a dummy domain name.
I connect from a local workstation using the public address and I was
able to log on to the iFolder server, but when i got someone external to
access the iFolder server using http://ip address/iFolder it times out at
the other end. My main purpose is to configure iFolder and drop files for
colleagues working with me but are offsite, so we can all access the
files and make necessary amendements.

Please note that LDAP and iFolder is running on the same server and I
have Clear text password enabled.

So please, what next do I have to do.