If this question should go into some other forum, just let me know.

I have 7 machines that need the same files on the local drive in the
same location. There are 3, possiby 4 machines where changes will be
made from. I have tried using iFolder 2.1.x and sometimes the files on
some of the machines all go away. iFolder thinks they were deleted,
but they actually were not, they still exist on the original machine
that made 1 file change.

I remember seeing that the new iFolder will have peer to peer sharing,
but I have downloaded the lastest Open Source version and the peer to
peer portion is disabled. I would like to setup a standalone peer to
peer share for these iFolder machines, does an iFolder server have to
exist for this? I am thinking yes, just from the fact that they would
need to know what is being shared. Am I missing something or is this
not going to be available on the open source version?

Also, maybe iFolder is not best suited for what I need, maybe there is
something else?

Out of the 7 machines, 3 will always be download machines, never
upload. The other 4 will both upload changes and download changes.
How often are the changes made? Could be hourly or daily? The files
are .bmp, .tif, .jpg, etc. These are images files that are used for
rendering images. The 3 machines that download are part of a render
farm. The 4 machines that upload and download are machines that 2 3D
rendering people use, 2 for each person.


Dan Verbarg
BHDP Architecture
Cincinnati, OH