We have Netware Small business Suite 6.5 and have applied SP3 to it. iFolder was set up quickly some time ago for demo purposes, but now we have some users who actually want to use it. It is running from the client without any problems. We are however running into issues when attempting to connect via the web browser. When clicking on the lick for the web browser, Netstorage launches without any problems. Drive mappings can be browsed without any problems. When we attempt to connect to the iFolder, a page comes up stating it requires the passphrase to continue. Instructions on the left indicate that if there was no encryption on the ifolder, clear the encryption check box and click on appliy passphrase. When we do this we get the error:
ERROR: Passphrase could not be set!
Possible cause: NetStorage Authentication Domain setting may not be correct.
Possible cause: Passphrase form may be submitting to wrong server, port or protocol.
Possible cause: NetStorage Authentication domain not readwrite replica.
Please forward this information to your system administrator.

Tried creating a new user for testing and logged in with the client without any problems. Still could connect via the web (NetStorage)
(created two accounts, one with encrypted files and one without encrypted files and they both get the same error when attempting to connect with the web client)

I did see a post that indicated "try delete the proxy user name and password from NRM and setup again should be working fine"

Unfortunately I don't know where this proxy user account and password should be deleted.

Is this the solution I need?

Thanks in advance for any direction.