I understand that, an alternative to start ifolder services from the
console, one should type /etc/init/d/apache2 start

When I try to start these services, I get confronted with a message
<i>"Starting httpd2(worker) (98). Address already in use:make_sock:could
not bind to address 80".</i> That's probably because I am also running
iManager on this same SLES 9 to manage by eDirectory running elsewhere on
netware 5.1. So I think there is a conflict between the two httpd
services. How should I resolve this?

Also, during the installation of ifolder 3 on my SLES 9 SP1 (not OES)
machine, when i checked for dependencies, Yast gave a conflict and gave 3
options for conflict resolution of Apache 2-MPM. The choice was to choose
between Apache 2 prefix or apache 2 worker. I choose Apache 2 worker MPM.
Was that the correct choice??

Installation went through fine but when I click on Yast > network Services
> iFolder 3 icon and try to configure it, nothing happens. Nothing

launches. The wait dial rotates for a few seconds and that's it.

Is this inability to launch iFolder configuration related to the inability
to start apache2 server? Need your advise to troubleshoot this.