I originally posted this in another forum, but nobody was able to help me there. So I'm hoping someone here will be able to point me in the right direction. Probably was best to post it here in the first place.

I have a couple of questions regarding NetWare webaccess on Nw6sp5.

A bit of background first. I have a nw6sp5 server setup in the dmz running Groupwise webaccess
(application, on primary ipaddress), iFolder (on secondary ip) and netstorage (seems to be also on primary ip).
Ifolder and netstorage are setup as TID10087176 ie, installed on a server in a separate
tree in the dmz and are using ldap to authenticate to the production tree.

Now I would like to bundle these services together with Netware Webaccess, so my first question is can I
install Netware webaccess onto this server in the DMZ and have it authenticate to the production tree as with
ifolder & netstorage?

If so, can anybody foresee any problems with me installing this with the other services already setup?

If I can't set this up as desired, is my only option to install webaccess on a server inside the firewall
and point it to the services setup in the dmz? I'd rather not do it this way if at all possible.

sorry for all the waffle,

Many Thanks in advance,