Greetings. Using Netware 6.0SP5 - Was using iFolder 2.1.1 now using
2.1.3. Upgrade went fine without error.
Upgraded client software, now getting 105 errors. Found TID 10094889
which describes my problem exactly. However, when I modify the registry
setting on my WindowsXPSP2 pc, the iFolder client login process
automatically puts the two address back in the registry. I've uninstalled
the client completely, restarted the computer, made sure the registry was
clear of iFolder settings, and then reinstalled the client from scratch.
When I look at the NetWare logger screen on the iFolder server, I can
see "LOCATE_SERVER angiempi=<; >.
No matter what I do, I can't get the second DNS entry to stay out of the
registry on my machine. I delete it, but it comes right back whenever I
try to login to the iFolder client. It seems like the client is creating
the double entry. Open for suggestions. Thanks in advance. Angie