Happy July 4th everyone... I have a Netware 6.5 server behing a DSL
connection/firewall that I would like to use iFolder one. It's loaded
and the clients on the local lan can connect using the local 192.168. IP
address, but cannot connect to the outside IP through the firewall. I
have tried opening ports 80, 443,8008,8009, and 636 and even tried moving
the port 80 connection to 8080 in case the DSL modem/firewall was using
80 for it's own purposes. The iFolder client log gives the following:

7/4/2005 3:53:03 PM Log entries cleared.
7/4/2005 3:53:12 PM Logout
7/4/2005 3:53:24 PM Client connecting to:
7/4/2005 3:53:24 PM Init Successful
7/4/2005 3:53:25 PM Connection with server broken
7/4/2005 3:53:25 PM Login michael\Home
7/4/2005 3:53:25 PM Reconciling iFolder database...
7/4/2005 3:53:25 PM iFolder database reconciliation complete.
7/4/2005 3:53:25 PM Connection with server broken
7/4/2005 3:53:57 PM Log entries written to file C:\Documents and
7/4/2005 3:53:57 PM Version 2.1 03/03/13

Any ideas on how to make this work? I must be missing something easy...

Thanks a bunch!!