Looking for feedback of the Administrative portion of iFolder 3. Here
are my observations so far.

∑In the Administrative Console, when I want to view all the iFolder
users, I cannot specify what context I want them to come from. Also I do
not know how to tell if they are enabled or disabled users. In the
previous Administrative Console, they were yellow or red, depending on
this status.

∑Cannot select multiple accounts to enable at once in the Administrative

∑When I view iFolder users in the Administrative Console, it shows their
name, is there anyway to configure this so their user id shows also?

∑In iManager, unable to find a "Reporting" section. I guess I was
looking for something similar to 2.13 administrative console. It would
be nice to have a reporting section where you can sort or query based on
used space, number of iFolders, last synchronization. Is there any
reporting similar to the previous version?

Any feedback appreciated. Thanks