Hello all - I recently installed a firewall in my network, and had to
remove the public IP address from my iFolder server. The server
originally had a private 10.24.x.x number and a public number. When I
removed the public IP from the server, iFolder stopped working because
LDAP was set up with the public number. The Apache console screen on the
server gives these messages:
Configured LDAP was found ready to use.
*MASTER[170.xxx.xxx.xxx][-1] ldap_simple_bind : Can't contact LDAP
ldap *MASTER[170.xxx.xxx.xxx] down
LDAP initialization failed. Check LDAP and restart Apache.

Anyone have suggestions? I'm hoping I can just change the LDAP IP to the
private number somehow and not have this be a huge hassle *knock on
wood* TIA