Hi NG,
I have installed an OES Netware Server with IP and bind a
secondary IP (
On this IP the iFolder is listening on 52080 unsecure. I can see that the
Users log in to iFolder in the iFolderScreen on Console. Also in the
iFolder Report it looks like good syncronisation.

But when I start the Portal (Port 8009) I see in Health Monitor that
the iFolder_ServerAgent cannot log in. More than 200 times.

"Failed Login Log
Time: Tuesday, 12.07.2005 16.06
Address: IP
User: .CN=iFolder_ServerAgent.O=organization.t=tree"

The Config Files on Filesystem and in Console One all settings looks good
for iFolder. The iFolder_LDAP01 and iFolder_Server01 and the
iFolder_Settings are looking good. When I do a filecontant search the only
file that is shown with the iFolder_ServerAgent is the iFolder.nlm.

Any good idea? I haven't one.

Christian Mies