It appears there is a corruption problem with downloading iFolder3.0 files.
A Changes Only syncronization does not work if syncronizing to a second
workstation. After synconization, looking at it on a shared workstation
shows the file a jumbled mess. The original is fine, and removing it from
the folder and dropping it back in will do a full sync of it and fix the
file on the second computer. Retrieving the file from web access from any
account after a changes only sync shows that the file is fine on the server.

I verified this problem occurs with Word and Excel 2003 files. It did not
happen with a large text file.

Any Ideas? I am using the 20050608 version on an OES Linux install. It
looks as though ifolder3 is out of beta, is the version 20050608 the
non-beta version?


- James