I love the idea of combining all webservices on the same ip/port, but I
really need to seperate these in our case. Let me explain.
Right now we have a NW 6.0 Netstorage server in DMZ in a seperate tree
pointing to the production tree.
I'm setting up a new NW 6.5 server to do the same and want to add iFolder
for specific users only. This means I have to disable iFolder in Netstorage
(helpdesk will kill me if I leave this visible for everyone) and configure
iFolder for a secondary ip. Also I don't want iManager to be accessible on
the public side through ports 80/443, so I guess this has to go to a
different ip to. End situation:
iManager on primary IP with default welcome page
Netstorage on secondary IP 1 with seperate welcome page
iFolder on secondary IP 2 with seperate welcome page.

Can this be done by editing conf files only or do I need to copy specific
Apache/tomcat directories.
Any tips (or tids) are welcome