I'm doing this job for a high school so u can imagine the resourcing ;-) I
worked on this yesterday and had no joy and today's kind of it so if
anyone's around i would really appreciate it.

Unfortunately not a novell shop - I'm a CNE so darn! I'm trying to
publish homedrives on the web. Basically I don't control the router so I
have 80 NATed to a webserver. So i can't open up points for Terminal
Services or a VPN server. I know a lot of universities do this so i guess
its do-able.

Home drives are on a win2000 server called Fileserver. Webserver is also
2000 called Server3. Now if I add a network place to a virtual directory
on Server3 i can write and open word docs fine so I know WebDAV is working.

My problem is I need to have them hit server3 but access their homedrives
on Fileserver. What I tried was making a virtual directory that pointed
to the share on Filserver. I then used netdrive to point to that. The
folder came up and I could download files but couldn't write a new folder
to it. I get

"upload for file blah failed, authentication failed"

Now ideally I would like it to use AD authentication. But the other issue
I have is that when u make the virtual directory it asks who u want to
connect as. I gave it domain\user and the password.

So i guess I need to know what authentication netdrive uses and which
server it's trying to authenticate to. The other issue I'm guessing I'll
run into is temp files.

I was testing from a winXP SP2 workstation.

I've googled this but everything I come up with is how to use it with
Netstorage or iFolder which unfortunately isn't an option here.

Thanks all