I am having problems with ALL clients getting an error "Unable to connect
to server [-105]" when they attempt to log into the iFolder server.

The nice network group changed the IP address of the server that caused
many other errors in addition to this. Since the iFolder server is on a
single server tree, and nothing else was on the server, I just reinstalled.

Now, everything works. The iMonitor, NRM, certificates, LDAP and iFolder
itself. All of these items had problems before the reinstall. However, this
client error will not go away.

The user can connect to the iFolder through a web browser, but since all
the users are new, they can not use iFolder until connecting via the client.

Remember that everything worked before the network group changed the IP
address. None of the users have been changed. I have brought in a brand new
machine to be used as a new client and it is also getting the 105 error
when attempting to connect with the iFolder client.