I wanted to post the process that allowed me to log into the iFolder
client and admin module from iManager. Our specific error messages were
"ldap initialization failed" on the Apache screen in the Netware console
and "certificate expired" in the ldap dstrace. I've seen many different
problems posted, so take this with a grain of salt for your own issues.

1. Run pkidiag on each server and fix any certificate problems.

2. Run sdidiag to verify that security keys are synced.

3. Export new ssl certificate:
a. Open the "LDAP Server" object and choose the "SSL Configuration" tab.
b. Note the object listed in the SSL Certificate dialog box and then
open that object from ConsoleOne.
c. Choose "Trusted Root Certificate" in the "Certificates" tab for this
d. Do not export the private key.
e. Export the file in DER format. It should put a new .der file that
includes the server name for each server on the C drive of your local
Windows workstation.

4. Copy the correct .der file to Sys:\Public on each server, and to
Sys:\Apache2\iFolder\server on the ifolder server.

5. Rename the RootCert.der files in Sys:\Public and
Sys:\Apache2\iFolder\server to RootCert.der.old, then rename the new
..der files to RootCert.der.

6. Run tckeygen on each server to make Tomcat use the new certificates.

7. Unload and then load nldap.nlm.

8. Type the following at the console and Enter after each one:

9. Wait about 2 minutes and then type:

You can monitor Apache in the apache window on the console, and Tomcat
in the logger screen. I hope this helps someone else out there.