Hi !

[NSBS 6.0 SP5]
I have problem when I try to set quota value more than 4000 MB (via
iFolder administration page). iFolder changes value to less than 4 GB.
I have enought space (200 GB free - only 15 Users).

Is there any other way (f.e.: write value in some file) to do this ?
Is this obligatory maximum in iFolder 1.03 ?

I try to upgrade iFolder to 2.13 version (I upgraded eDir to 8.7.3)
but instalation was not all good.
I didn't to login to administration page (user auth. failure --> try again
etc.). I read some TIDs and I found that the installation process didn't
add any iFolder classes to schema !!!
Any idea why ?

Everything else works OK - it's fresh installation of NSBS 6.0 (on new
good hardware).

Thanks in advence.