I have an ifolder 3.2 server running on OES Linux. Everytime my server crashes it really messes up one of my ifolder clients. Namely my own laptop! Its very frustrustating. After rebooting the Linux to fix the server (this crash doesn't happen often, maybe every 3 months) my Laptop client (running Windows XP Pro SP2) and ifolder client version 3.2.5347.1 runs at startup and reports that my ifolder is NOT SETUP!!! So I have to move my ifolder or rename it, wait for the sync to complete then overwrite my new ifolder.

Does anyone know why this happens? Thankfully it only seems to occur on my laptop which I can fix, but if it happens on one my users especially from another country I would be in trouble!!

Thanks in advance.


P.S This is my only complaint about ifolder and I think its a great program.