This is very frustrating. The Netware 6.5 server was cleanly downed for a
scheduled power outage. The power in the building was out for no more than
12 hours. When power was restored, all equipment was cleanly and
sequentially restored. The Netware server failed to load Apache. Had to
run pkidiag to generate new certificates before Apache would stay loaded.
WebAccess is hit and miss now, but, iFolder is completely down. I can not
even get into the iFolder Administration server. I continuously get "Your
previous login failed!" I can access iManager, but, not iFolder. I've
tried each and every TID on Novell. Any help, which is desperately needed
at this time, would be greatly appreciated. iFolder has been unstable
since we started it. I wonder if I'm the only one with these problems.

thanks in advance.