I have iFolder 2.1.7 clients running against a Netware OES iFolder
server and I'm having the following problem. The issue is quite
reproduceable and seems to be quite widespread here.

A user will have several work computers and a home computer he wants to
keep synchronized. iFolder is set up on the work computers and works
just fine. iFolder is set up on the home computer and initially seems to
work just fine. At some point in time, it stops working. It
authenticates OK, but synchronization repeatedly fails. If the home
computer then starts our organizations VPN client which gives them an
address internal to our institution, iFolder starts working again just
fine. The bizarre part is that if you now log out of vpn, iFolder will
again fail for this client. You can, however, log out of this iFolder
user and log in as a different user and iFolder will synchronize OK
without the vpn client! Log in as the original user without vpn and it
still fails.

I have no idea how to go about solving this problem so things work
reliably without having to start the vpn. iFolder is, after all, already
encrypting the information and vpn should not be required to keep my
systems synched according to my understanding.