I would like setup a netstorage server in the dmz side of the pix.
Ultimate goal is to provide access to students home folders from home, so
that they can submit homework.

I did setup a server in its own tree and I am using one my server from
production which has a copy of the master replica as ldap server.

I did opened port 80, 443 and 524 in and out.

Problem is, Login takes a few seconds if a user's home folder is on the
given ldap server(one which I used in the netstorage configuration). If
it is on a different server it takes like 3-5 minutes to login and will
not be able to browse home folder.

if your home folder is on the given ldap server, you can login, upload
files and download files without any problem

What I am missing here, and why it is taking so long to authenticate and
get my drives and why can't I browse.