I was wondering if someone could possibly help, when i go into the File
Access (NetStorage) part in iManager and select Authentication Domains, i
get an error at the bottom of the page in IE6. The error reads:
Line 805
Char 13
Error Undetermined string constant
Code 0
https://<server>/nps/servlet/frameservice?NPService=fw.LaunchService&NPAction=D elegate&delegate=NetStorage.authentication_domains &launcher=fw.HomePage&lifecycle=Recreate&repeatabl e=true

The net result is that the remove context or remove doamin buttons don't
work, but i can add domains and contexts. Similar effects happen in FireFox
(v2).I am logged in as admin and it is happening on iManager 2.6 with SP2
and SP3.

I was wondering if anyone knows how i can resolve this issue.

Hope someone can help