I am not getting any indication when the connection to the server goes
down or is unavailable. In 2.x, when the server connection is lost,
the iFolder icon in the tray "greys out". This is a good tip that
there are communication issues.

I completely downed the OES linux server and when I boot up the
workstation, iFolder 3 starts up fine, even though the server is
COMPLETELY OFF. Shouldn't I get a warning that I can't connect?
Wouldn't it be great if the tray icon gave me an indication? I can't
put this into production if there's a possibility that someone could
go extended periods of time thinking that everything's synching, when
in fact there's no connection to the server at all.

Is it a reported bug/feature enhancement? Looks like it's in the 3.4
client for Linux (whoopee, big help there).