I downloaded the iFolder "virtual appliance" at:

It comes preconfigured so you can access web admin interface at:

and web iFolder access at:

The iFolder client (I'm using the Windows client) that came with it works
great. I assume it's also using port 80 like the web front end.

I only have one IP address and I already have a web server running on port
80. So,what I want to do is change the port that both the web interface and
the iFolder client use to connect. I managed to find what I thought were
the relevant config files and changed them to port 8086. I got the iFolder
client working fine on that port. I also got the web admin home page to
load just fine, but as soon as I navigate away from the home page I get an
error. It seems like the http port (80) must be baked into the mono code

Much obliged for any help anyone can offer.