We are using netdrive to access iFolder data from the Citrix server (PS4.5)

We are using the VBS script outlinied on the Citrix and Novell INtegration
PDF, but seamless login is not possible :-(

It is possible to access the netdrive Open Settings and add the user ID +
password and check the "save password" box + the start at login/startup box
- and subsequently the netdrive link to iFolder is started automatically
when a user logs in to Citrix.

The downside comes when the password is changed, because the netdrive
pop-up box that will ask for a password does NOT have a "save password"
check box, sp the only way to update the password is to access the full
netdrive interface update the passeword ad check the proper box - VERY clumcy.

What we can live with was just the popup box and a re-entry of the
password, and the gold solution would be and automatic update of the
saved(hashed) password in HKCU when the eDir password is changed.
Maybe someone has a DirXML driver for that ?

Anything better than the non-elegant netdrive interface way is most welcome.

How has anyone else solves the iFolder Access on Citrix problem in a smooth
way ?

P.S. also not that we use Netdrive on WebDAV as this is about20 times
faster than Netdrive on iFolder - anyone seen this difference too ?

KR Bjrn