Hi All!

Just did a search through the site and didn't find much on this issue.
Back in iFolder2 you could use NetDrive to map to a users iFolder in
Citrix. I'm not finding a way to do that with ifolder3 (on OES w/NSS
volume). Googled and could only find questions but no solutions so (in my
long experience) I've found it to be that either:
1) The question is really stupid <GRIN>
2) A common solution has not been found.

Please tell me it's the latter. Seriously though, we have some programmers
who have written scripts for Notes that refer to a users My Docs which we
have ifolder'd on their regular desktops. When they TS in with Citrix
though, there is no real need to take up the dataspace in Citrix to store
thier docs for any reason on the citrix server. Any ideas?

Joe Gilmore