Hi, I'm testing out a NW6.5SP6 90 day eval to upgrade my production from
NW5.1SP8, and part of my needs is:

- Provide an easy and secure method for my portable users to work with their
files in and out of the office (with the office version up to date for
backup purposes), and their coworkers to also share the same files, again

- Provide access to the same files via a web site for collaboration purposes

- And ideally... an easy way to replicate those files between two or more
servers, so that satellite offices can have access to all or a subset of
those files quickly and to collaborate

Does iFolder do all this?

How does NetStorage factor in, or is it unnecessary?

Finally the NW6.5SP6 that I just installed put iFolder 2.x on the test
server, however I see that iFolder 3.x has been out for some time (at least
since before NW65SP6 came out), any reason that I they still provide version
2.x instead of 3.x? Can I and is it adviseable to simply download the
latest iFolder 3.x and install on my server, and instead test with this?

Thanks in advance