When I access the /iFolder page on my server everything looks good. However
the Login link points to myserver.server.org/NetStorage when it should point
to mail.server.org/iFolder login right?

Either way, I set up something wrong when I applied the last SP, and I used
the wrong host, so now I am going through trying to find out what's wrong.

I need to find where this is configured. I have found and corrected the
httpd.conf file so that server name is now mail.server.org

I have used the Apache utility to check and it's correct. I have even
edited the iFolder.conf file (\apache2\ifolder\server\httpd_ifolder_nw.conf)
and I still get this wrong link.

Where else might this be configured? How do I change it from
myserver.server.org to mail.server.org?