I'm running OES Linux SP2 with iFolder 3.2.5347.1. I am using the
iFolder windows client 3.2.6156.1. This setup synchronizes perfectly
fine to the default location, /var/opt/novell/ifolder3,
but I want to have the storage location on an NSS volume.

I created an NSS pool called DATA and a volume named VOL1. I set up the
trustee rights for wwwrun with the following:

rights -f /media/nss/VOL1 -r rwfcem trustee wwwrun.ou.o.tree

I changed the settings in iManager to point to the new location and
restarted Apache2 & Tomcat4, but the service still synchronizes to the
old default location.

Any ideas what I need to do to get iFolder to use the NSS location? Thanks,

-- Geoff