Hi guys,

I'm a potential new iFolder user. I've never used iFolder or NetWare
before. I'm a Windows admin and have dabbled in Linux (successfully
deployed ThinStation www.thinstation.org and www.backuppc.org and setup &
administered LAMP servers, all on Debian)

I'm interested in iFolder because I've got a WAN with laptop users who
bounce from site to site. I've tried using Windows Server's DFS, but when
it fell off replicating it was a real train wreck. I'd like to take a
simpler approach, one that would allow easy access to a "data set" to
mobile users which would do a good job of dealing with a "sometimes
available, sometimes not, always slow" WAN infrastructure. Am I looking in
the right direction?

Where do I start? Should I just put together a linux server and start
playing with things to see how they work? Any particular recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

Justin Best