Got a customer who disparately wants to use iFolder to sync files from
laptops on the road & off site executives working at home. Its
basically set up as a backup solution.

- iFolder install was done as outline in this Novell Connection
Magazine article.

- stand alone server with user data & shared files
under /media/nss/VOL2/ifolder3/simias/

- users are managed in eDir on the OES Linux server in its own tree

- simias config files ...
- simias.config ...
- log files & FlaimSimias.db database ...

+ client needs +

- For iFolder to have consistent performance ... at this time, it does
- Keep iFolder user accounts in tact.
- Keep existing iFolder data & folder shares in tact.
- iFolder client has got to work flawlessly for the end user.
- Sys Admin's need alerting capability as to when iFolder is _not_
functioning properly.

+ symptoms +

- Erratic behavior of system.
- User is unable to tell which files are not synchronizing.
- Synchronizing is inconsistent.
- Discovery of files to synchronize is very inconsistent.
- On the client system, the client seems to stop checking for other
files when it comes across a file it cannot sync. User has to hit the
sync button to resume synchronization.
- For sure, the Windows iFolder 3.2 client is not pulling down new &
change files.

+ questions + (yes, I've been digging for answers but its mighty

- What are the logging levels available? Verbose? Debug mode?
- What are the field entries in the log files?
- Is there a migration path from version 3.2 to 3.6?
- Is there way to send alerts to the Sys Admins?