HI All,

Running ifolder3.2, had some trouble with expired certificates followed
the likes of 3248305 , 3948161 , removed the certificates, try to add
them...it tells me certificate is added BUT listing it again there is
nothing shown

....so at long last i re-installed ifolder on the oes server....big very
big mistake it seems (i have for now downed the server) ...i logged in
from my client seeing how the ifolder client removing all my ifolders on
my local pc!!!!..then in big panic downed the server, being afraid that if
would delete the users data from there pc's.....well checked on mine it
does not look if it actually deleted my data of the local pc but removed
the folders from the ifolder client...or maybe i just stopped the server
in time?.....is this so.....how do i ensure that the users data is not
removed....or then the ifolder directories on the server (ifolder client
setup)....i really dont wanna tell 3000 users they must again setup all
their ifolders and shares!!??....please help...

Kind regards,