Attempting to install iFolder 3 onto OES/Suse 9 server within an existing
netware tree (this is the first linux serve in the tree). eDirectory is
installed on this server.
The install seems to fail shortly after the proxy user creation point.
The ifolder admin user is created. Right after the proxy user creation
point (which does not occur), this is printed in the log...

"Creating cn=iFolderProxy76035,ou=net,o=jc...LdapResponse::R esultException
ResultCode = 32, ErrorMessage = NDS error: no such entry (-601), MatchedDN
= ou=net,o=jc", "LdapResponse::ResultException ResultCode = 53,
ErrorMessage = NDS error: bad password (-222), MatchedDN = ", "Failed",
"", "LdapException::getExceptionString exception = LdapException,
base.Message = Exception of type Novell.Directory.Ldap.LdapException was
thrown., resultCode = 53",

We've created a separate container for this ifolder proxy user w/out any
password policy, thinking that something in the generated password didn't
match the policy - but this did not work.

Is there a way to manually create this proxy user instead of have it
autogenerate? Is that the issue or is there something else?
Thanks all