Hi folks,

Thanks for developing such a great product. I think it could be very useful
for us, have done some testing, but haven't found the perfect setup yet.

I have taken the last SVN server version (3.6) and installed it on Ubuntu.
Although SUSE is quite heavily promoted on the site (as it should be ;), I
was amazed with how easy the install on Ubuntu was. It worked perfectly,
web-interface is up etc, connects to our LDAP as well.

I have an issue finding the riht windows client though. I like the 3.6 Beta
client for XP, but it appears to look for a file on the server that doesn't
exist (inspection.wsil). Unfortunately there don't seem to be sources
available for that client, so I can't easily modify it. Are the sources
available somewhere?

The available 3.5 client for Windows would also so, but has a problem adding
users to an ifolder. The users from our ldap server just won't appear in the
list of available users that you could add to the fdolder (the web gui does
show them though).

I'm not scared of putting some time into this, because I believe iFolder can
be really useful for us. I have cygwin, .net C# 2005 and the .Net SDK ready
to run... Just need the right sources and perhaps a good autogen.sh line
(parameters) for a windows build...

Who can point me in the right direction?