Environment: NW65SP6 with installed GW 702 and configured iFolder-Server

Using default Port 80 connection ifolder-client --> ifolder-Server works
without any problems.
But this is no option for me because I block port 80 to avoid unencrypted
http-traffic to this server (groupwise webaccess).

I want to change this port to a non-standard http-port, for example 20080 .
According to TID10095872 I changed the iFolder-Ports in iManager
(Netstorage-Settings Ifolder-Storage-Provider) and in file
SYS:\apache2\ifolder\server\httpd_ifolder_nw.conf . I restarted apache as
well as the server itself. But after changing ifolder-client cannnot login
I used server:portnumber as address in ifolder-client. I also deleted old
ifolder entries in windows registry.

Any idea to solve this problem ?