Kai Reichert wrote:
> helmut reihs wrote:
>>Since Nipp.exe V1.05 the installation process proposes a cryptic
>>default foldername like "[Novell iPrint x 2xxxx 1xxxx]".
>>The install language is german (my windows language) and this

>>under W_2K+SP3 and W_XP+SP1.
>>Nipp.exe V1.04 did not have this problem.
>>Any ideas?
>>Helmut Reihs

> Helmut,
> this has been reported already and will hopefully be fixed for the > release.
> FYI: it does not happen when you switch your OS language to english.


I suspected as much. But i cannot recommend to all my iprint users to

switch the OS language because of this bug.
I had some hope that 1.06 would fix this again, but no such luck.