Get Pcounter from A.N.D. it works with both
NDPS and
iPrint. Too many details to go in to but it will do what you want.
used it here at of university for some six years now.


<> wrote in message
> I'm upgrading to Netware 6 this month, and I've done some testing

> NDPS and iPrint, and plan to migrate the last of my old queues into

> There is one feature missing (or perhaps I've just missed it) that I

> like that I don't have. On some of our costlier printers, I'd like

> have some way to set a restriction on printing per user. The

> can be either MBs printed (maximum limit) or print images/pages

limit per
> user. Novell doesn't seem to support this feature, so does anyone

know of
> a 3rd party developer providing such restrictions for the NDPS
> environment. If it is supported in NDPS, can you direct me to a FAQ

or TID
> describing how to set it up?
> Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
> John Resotko
> Michigan State University
> DCL-College of Law