we're trying to standardize our helpdesk, and we're using a mix of c1,

nwadmin, and custom apps from dsrazor.

imanager is now where consoleone was when it was released - almost
unusable and prematurely released.

novell really should solidify a management technology before moving
something else.

there's no biscom snap-ins for consoleone, but there is for nwadmin, there's nothing i can do with ifolder in consoleone - i have to use
nwadmin, but i can't use nwadmin for newer groupwise stuff.

this ranks up there with ds versioning hell . . .

Kai Reichert wrote:
> In fact there was once an NDPS snapin for C1, but it was never

> or released.
> Before the time where it should have been finished novell directed

> teams to no longer make any C1 snapins but develop to iManager

> which is what's going on right now. Lots of C1 snapins are moved to

> iManager in Nakoma.
> But basically I'm happy with iManager NDPS management. And i can

> use nwadmn32 if i want.