1. The NDPS documentation on the Novell documentation site describes the different components of NDPS and their respective roles.
The job goes to the NDPS server and then to the printer. The job is
visible in NDPS Manager as any other job serviced by the NDPS Manager.

2. NO

3. check TID 10059594

There is no limit but the resources of your server (and network ??)


> I'm doing a huge iPring roleout and really need answers for the

> that be in my company prior to taking this on. Anyhelp would be

> 1. What are the roles that each pieces plays during printing. If I

> sends a print job to ipp:// what is the path the job
> follows. Does it go directly to the printer or go from the local PC

> the NDPS server then to the printer? What role does the broker

> it possible to directly print ipp straight from workstation to

> 2. This ties into the previous question I suppose, but if the NDPS Server
> is down, can the user still print to the ipp printer?
> 3. Since I plan to have one(perhaps two if clustered) NDPS

> you think 2500 printers are too many for one NDPS server?
> Thanks,
> Jeff