You can check the use of the ports 443 by using TCPCON on the
system console.

Down the NDPS Manager and Broker
Check Protocol information - TCP an search for the iprint ipaddress
used on the server and see if something is listening.

If this is the case, you should use a second ipaddress.
Specify the desired ipaddress in the NDPSM command line :
load ndpsm /ipaddress=XX.XX.XX.XX /

Check httpstk as well, might get in the way. Httpunbind XX.XX.XX.XX before you load NDPSM.

Do you have Bordermanager on this box ? Open up the port for NDPS.

Good luck

> Getting msg "Error message: Winsock 10110 - Unknown error. Error

> WINSOCK Error Code: 10110" when attempting to download printer

driver to
> Win2000 Professional workstation. This happens with or without SP3.

> have a clue?
> -- BB