Am running NW51 with SP4.
Have installed NDPS Patch NDP21p4a.
Have NDPS Managers running on 6 Servers, Broker on one Server.
Have installed drivers for all available printers, and turned on IPP client support.
So far so good!
Howver only the printers connected to 2 servers/NDPS Managers will
The others return the following error message:
__________________________________________________ ______________________

Error message:iPrint Client - No printer driver has been associated
this printer.

Error group:iPrint Client
Eror code:65550
__________________________________________________ _____________________

Have installed all appropriate drivers, and the same printer driver
install from the NDPS manager/Server that is working but not from a
different server.
Have ensured that the Printer Agents are all using the same
and Resource Service.
Any ideas???