Well, apparently Novell in their infinite wisdom decided that iPrint
"working as designed".

Of course I must ask myself who designed the darned thing.

In "traditional" or NDPS printing the user can decide if they want to
notified when their job is done on a PER printer basis (or they can
the Novell client do it for all printers)

Novell apparently decided that iPrint should lack this feature.

So, we called Novell. The solutions?:

a) You either enable notifications per printer agent for EVERYONE who

uses that agent or NOBODY gets them for that agent. (great, so like I

have to listen to a few thousand people complain that they ARE getting

notifications or a few thousand people who say they AREN'T getting

b) Go in with NWADMN32 and somewhere on EACH printer agent you can
individual users in there to be notified? So, for my 400 printers, I

have to go into each one and add anywhere from 200-2,000 users?

Is it just me or is this kinda stupid?

So, since Novell didn't bother to include this functionality, anyone know of any third party vendors that might ease our pain?

Seems kinda stupid of Novell to "push" iPrint (ZEN 4 only delivers
iPrint printers now, unless you upgraded) but lack the functionality
the "old" methods?