I agree with the other posters....the Novell Gateway is surely the way
go.....however, if you want to use 3rd party gateways....you need to
the snapins and then use Nwadmin to create the agents (yes, I said
After the agents are created, you can then manage them with iManage.
3rd party vendors need to write the code to snapin to iManage.

"Rick Cabral" <rcabral@wimco.com> wrote in message
> Working on my first Netware 6 install, I have iPrint/NDPS installed,

> have built an LPR driven printer that works, but it should really

use the
> Xerox printer gateway.
> I also have a dozen HP printers that would probably be best using

the HP
> gate, but it's not currently an option via iManage/Create Printer.
> What's the story?
> Rick Cabral
> Wimco
> rcabral@wimco.com