New to all this, so please bear with me. SBS6 SP2, SBS w/iPrint on
server, BM 3.7 & GWIA on the other. DHCP server running on the SBS
Trying to get iPrint set up, but don't have any idea on how to set up
Loading NDPS manager with / comes
back with
a "cannot resolve name" error. I can go to
a local pc and get the appropriate login/download client page, but I
do it from outside, even with all BM filters off and Enforce Access
turned off. I do have filter exceptions for ports 631 and 443 as well
as an
Access rule to allow port 631 and 443 traffic through.

I temporarily created a DNS server on my SBS box, and it shows up as
DNS_Fileserver, loaded and ready, with a DNS Server Domain Name of, our public domain name. Should I use a different
Will this cause a conflict with the WWW registered domain name?

I know I have to create an A-record and maybe a CNAME for my
"" url to be visible to the outside. When I
go to
create a new Zone, I get prompted for a bit of info I don't
understand, like
Zone Domain Name and whether its a Primary or Secondary. Went through
docs several times, but they leave a lot to be desired for the
Searched Novell's knowledgebase without much success either. Any
1,2,3... advice out there?

As an alternative, I also have 3 available unused static IPs on my BMserver. Would it be better to just use one of those? I guess I would
to go to to my ISP and have another CNAME and A-record added to point"" to one of the unused static IPs. If I did
would I then static NAT that IP to my fileserver IP? Would my
still show up as ipp://<prnname>? The rest of the
install looks fairly straightforward, but I know little to nothing
DNS. If I could get around using it at all, that would be even
better. Any
help would be greatly appreciated.

System Administrator