After all the problems I have had in the last three weeks with iPrint,
I am
beginning to think I should dump my existing IPP setup and just go
back to
plain remote printers or pservers. I have tried NW6 plain, SP2, SP3,
download the NDPSM patch from 4 days ago, and through all of this I
nothing but non-stop flakey printer behavior.

Right now our printes are binding - unbinding all day long. I've
everything but nothing gets rid of it. "LPR Communication Failure" is
most common problem. Comes and goes. Sometimes it says: "Cannot ping

printer", yet I can ping them no problem all day long.

Sometimes the PrintAgents will still process the jobs in spite of the
status! Other times the jobs just sit there. I really have little
confidence anymore that the printer status even means anything.

I saw someone else here mention the crazy selection system. You can
that again. Over and over I have been through that lame selection
with all of our 10 printers so many times I could do it with my eyes
Whoever came up with that should be shot. How about a stupid simple
box or tree view.

I scan this forum looking for solutions, and all I see is more peopleexperiencing the same things I am. IMHO I think iPrint is riddled
bugs. Novell is going to have to fix or overhaul it. I think this is
of the worse code Novell has turned out.

Frustrated. Just my $0.02 worth.